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Tab and Sheet Music for Harmonica Songs is collection of free harmonica tab and sheet music. The collection includes Christmas carols, kid's songs, patriotic songs, and much more. Most of the music is easy enough for beginners. All songs are suitable for a diatonic harmonica in any key.

All of the tablature on this site is written with numbers between 1 and 10. These numbers indicate the hole to be played. A plus sign is placed after a number if the note is to be blown. A draw is incidated with a number by itself. For example, "3+" means to blow on the third hole. A "3" by itself indicates a draw on the third hole. Our newest tablature uses a number and a minus sign for a draw (e.g., 3-).

More Harmonica Tab

Check out our new harmonica tab site at The site features harmonica music with chords, lyrics, and tablature. The music includes children's songs, Christmas carols, and more.

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